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Cedar tile

Could be regarded as a knowhow at the market of finishing materials. The appearance of decorative tiles with a health effect will surprise those who prefer to be surrounded with objects made of natural materials. The cedar tile has no artificial component. Moreover, an especially pressed Siberian cedar resin is used as a fundamental binding material. This glue is made from a husk of the cedar cones.

The cedar tile emits a pleasant smell of the Cedar Taiga, the inhalation of which provides a constant improvement of the body along with a relief from the stress. It reduces fatigue, increases efficiency and improves the clarity of mind. The smell decreases aggression and irritability, relieves asthmatic and allergic symptoms; shortens sleep time due to the rapid recovery of the energy and power of a sleeping man. Applying the tile to the sore spot relieves pain; it almost completely blocks the computer radiation, reduces the harmful effects of any radiating equipment including the microwave radiation.

The cedar tile is recommended for use in business and medical institutions, hospitals, rest homes, care homes and in all kinds of accommodations.

Cedar tile