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Cedar cones

Is an amazing and unusual present with a pleasant resin aroma for kids and a good souvenir for adults. One cedar beauty contains from 30 up to 70 grams of intact nuts, which brings you and your children an immeasurable benefits.

The main benefit is the resin contained in the cone. It vaporizes slowly discharging many useful and essential compounds for the respiratory system of the body. This is a natural prevention against most infections and especially airborne droplets diseases. Also, the essential oils, containing in the product, produce a sedative effect.

In the days of yore, ancestor scattered cedar cones under their beds or hung the cones up in the corners of rooms of their houses.

A tincture of the cedar nut’s shell is used as an ointment against a joint pain, ache or cold. A decoction of the shell could be taken as a remedy for the salt’s resorption of arthritis and osteochondrosis. It also has beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract.

Cedar cones