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Cedar nut kernel

The cedar nut kernel is packaged in containers of two types:

1. Vacuum packaging of 0.5 kg, 1.0 kg, 3.0 kg and 5.0 kg, which is laid in cardboard cartons of 15 kg.

2. Besides, a modern weighing-and-filling machine is used for a retail packaging - a doypack-type package.

Useful nature of the cedar nut

The advantages of the retail packaging:

1. Protects the product against mechanical damage due to the dense material and form of the package.

2. Protects the product against sunlight, which allows a better preservation of the useful properties of the nut.

3. The package has a transparent window and bottom to evaluate the quality of the inside product.

4. A "zip-lock" clasp provides a convenient storage of the nuts as well as a multiple opening and closing without losing of impermeability.

5. The vacuum package protects against decanting, therefore the nuts don’t emit oil that ensures a better preservation of the product and increases its storage life.

Cedar nut kernel

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